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Leakage Strategy

Reducing Leakage and NRW in a Smarter Way

Dayworth offers valuable support to water companies in their efforts to reduce leakage and NRW. By leveraging our expertise, we can provide effective solutions and strategies for recording and calculating leakage, and effectively targeting the reduction of water loss. We are able to assist in implementing innovative technologies such as smart meters and remote sensing devices to optimise data collection and streamline leak detection processes.​

​Our expertise in infrastructure management helps prioritise repairs, asset renewal programs, and pressure management techniques. Additionally, we offer training and education programs to empower water company staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to actively contribute to leakage reduction. ​

​Partnering with Dayworth enables water companies to effectively combat leakage, conserve water resources, and enhance operational efficiency.​

Smart Networks

Design and Implementation of Smart Water Networks

Dayworth are uniquely placed when it comes to the design and implementation of smart water networks. Having been instrumental in the scoping, project delivery, training and benefits tracking of the award winning iDMA network in SES Water, our team have lived and breathed smart networks for many years. ​

​Smart water networks have the potential to revolutionise leakage and non-revenue water (NRW) approaches in the future. These advanced systems utilise cutting-edge technologies to monitor, analyse, and manage water distribution networks more efficiently. Here's how smart water networks will bring about significant changes:​

Real-Time Monitoring: Smart sensors and meters enable continuous monitoring of water flow, pressure, and quality in the network. This real-time data allows for early detection of leaks and bursts, minimising response time and reducing water loss.​

Advanced Analytics: Smart water networks employ data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the network. By analysing consumption patterns and identifying abnormal usage, potential leakages and NRW can be pinpointed more accurately.​

Predictive Maintenance: With the help of data-driven insights, smart water networks can predict the likelihood of pipe failures and prioritise maintenance activities accordingly. Proactive maintenance reduces the occurrence of leaks and minimises downtime for repairs.​

Remote Control and Automation: Smart water networks enable remote monitoring and control of valves, pumps, and other infrastructure components. This facilitates rapid response to incidents, allowing for quick isolation of damaged sections and efficient management of water supply during repairs.​

Customer Engagement: Smart meters and data analytics empowers water companies and their customers to monitor and manage their water usage more effectively. By providing real-time consumption data, abnormal usage or leaks can be identified, promoting water conservation and reducing NRW from the demand side.​

Holistic Asset Management

Infrastructure Investment Planning - A Holistic Approach

Dayworth encourages a holistic approach to network asset management, which has been recognised as industry-leading and award-winning. By considering the entire life cycle of assets and adopting a comprehensive strategy, the following benefits can be realised:​

Optimal Resource Allocation: A holistic approach allows water companies to prioritise investments based on criticality, asset condition, and performance. By considering the entire network, decision-makers can allocate resources more effectively and efficiently, ensuring that investments address the most crucial areas.​

Long-Term Planning: Rather than making reactive and short-term investments, a holistic approach focuses on long-term planning. It takes into account factors such as asset deterioration, technological advancements, and changing demand patterns, enabling water companies to develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure for the future.​

Risk Management: Holistic asset management incorporates risk assessment and mitigation strategies. By identifying vulnerabilities, potential failures, and associated risks, water companies can prioritise investments in high-risk areas, minimising the likelihood of service disruptions and costly emergency repairs.​

Data-Driven Decision Making: A holistic approach relies on accurate and comprehensive data about assets. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as sensors, remote monitoring, and data analytics, water companies can make informed decisions based on real-time asset performance and condition data, optimising investment decisions.​

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement: Adopting a holistic approach encourages collaboration among different stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, asset managers, and operational teams. This facilitates shared knowledge, expertise, and resources, leading to better-informed investment decisions that align with strategic objectives.​

​Overall, a holistic approach to network asset management promotes smarter and more sustainable infrastructure investment and enables water companies to maximise the value of their investments and ensure the long-term viability of their network. ​

DMA Design & Optimisation 

Specialist DMA Design, Optimisation & Pressure Management

Dayworth offer expertise in DMA (District Metered Area) design, optimisation, and pressure management solutions. With our specialised knowledge and experience, we help water utilities maximise efficiency, reduce water loss, and enhance operational performance.

Our DMA design services involve developing tailored strategies to optimise water distribution networks. We analyse hydraulic characteristics, demand patterns, and infrastructure layout to design efficient DMA boundaries that enable effective monitoring and control.

Additionally, our DMA optimisation services focus on fine-tuning existing DMAs to minimise water loss, improve pressure management, and enhance system performance. Through advanced analytics and modelling techniques, we identify areas for improvement and recommend targeted strategies for optimising network operations.

Moreover, our pressure management solutions assist water companies in optimising pressure levels throughout the network. By implementing advanced pressure management techniques and technologies, we help minimise leaks, pipe bursts, and excessive energy consumption, ensuring sustainable and efficient water supply.

Partner with us to leverage our expertise in DMA design, optimisation, and pressure management. Together, we can enhance the performance of your water distribution network, reduce water loss, and achieve optimal operational efficiency, helping you to deliver reliable and sustainable water services to your customers.

Change Management

Implementing Business Change 

We bring expertise in business change management to help your organisation navigate transformational journeys successfully. As the water industry evolves, we understand the need for adaptability, efficiency, and innovation.

Our business change management services are designed to guide your organisation through complex changes and ensure smooth transitions. We work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and goals, developing tailored strategies that address organisational culture, processes, and systems.

Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive change management plans, stakeholder engagement strategies, and communication frameworks to facilitate effective change implementation. We offer support in managing resistance, building employee buy-in, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

With experience in delivering change and embedding new processes into business-as-usual within the water sector, Dayworth are able to build strategies for all levels of the business; from field to board room.  

By partnering with us, you gain access to our deep industry knowledge, best practices, and proven methodologies. Together, we can drive successful transformations in your organisation, enabling you to adapt, thrive, and deliver sustainable outcomes in the dynamic water industry. Let us be your trusted partner in managing change and achieving lasting success.

Business Planning & Regulation

Support with Regulatory Auditing, Submissions and Business Planning

Dayworth provide comprehensive assistance to water companies in the areas of regulatory reporting, auditing, and business plan preparation for submission to Ofwat. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can help water companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape and achieve compliance while maximizing operational efficiency.​

Regulatory reporting and auditing can be a daunting task for water companies, considering the numerous regulations and guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as Ofwat. Our consultancy understands the intricacies of these requirements and can guide you through the process, ensuring accurate and timely reporting. We have a team of experts well-versed in regulatory frameworks, data analysis, and performance evaluation, enabling us to identify areas of improvement and optimise your reporting processes.​​

Preparing a business plan for submission to Ofwat every five years is a critical milestone for water companies. Our team have extensive experience in crafting robust and compelling business plans that align with Ofwat's expectations. We work closely with your team to understand your strategic objectives, financial targets, and operational priorities, translating them into a comprehensive and coherent plan. Our aim is to help you articulate your vision, demonstrate investment needs, and deliver long-term value for your customers.​

​By partnering with our consultancy, water companies can benefit from our deep industry knowledge, regulatory expertise, and proven methodologies. We strive to provide tailored solutions that address your unique challenges, ensuring regulatory compliance, improved performance, and sustainable growth. Trust us to be your strategic partner in navigating the regulatory landscape and achieving success in the water industry.​

Condition Assessment

Pipe Condition Assessment Planning and Analysis

Pipe condition assessment is a critical aspect of the water sector that involves evaluating the condition and performance of water distribution network pipes. It plays a crucial role in maintaining infrastructure integrity, optimising asset management, and ensuring the efficient delivery of safe drinking water to consumers. Dayworth are experienced in delivering some of the most forward-thinking condition assessment programmes in the water sector. We can help you to select the most appropriate condition assessment techniques to suit your goals and budget and help you to add value to your data in order to drive insights and inform investment strategies.

Why is Pipe Condition Assessment Important?

Infrastructure Management: Pipe condition assessment provides valuable insights into the deterioration and lifespan of water distribution network pipes. It helps water companies prioritise maintenance, repair, and replacement activities based on the condition of the pipes, ensuring optimal utilisation of resources and minimising disruptions to water supply.

Leakage and NRW Reduction: By identifying and addressing deteriorating pipes, condition assessment helps mitigate leaks and reduce (NRW) loss. It enables water companies to proactively identify potential leaks, prioritise repairs, and optimise their leakage control strategies, leading to improved water conservation and reduced financial losses.

Operational Efficiency: Assessing pipe condition allows water companies to optimise operational efficiency. By looking at data holistically, companies can proactively address issues such as corrosion, blockages, or reduced hydraulic capacity, resulting in improved water flow, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced system performance.

Cost-Effective Asset Management: Pipe condition assessment facilitates a proactive approach to asset management. By accurately determining the remaining useful life of pipes, water companies can develop long-term capital investment plans, effectively allocate resources, and minimise emergency repairs, ultimately reducing overall life cycle costs.

Project & Programme Management

Management of Individual Projects or Large Programmes of Work

At Dayworth we offer comprehensive programme management and project management solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we ensure the successful delivery of your water projects from start to finish.

Our programme management services encompass the strategic oversight and coordination of multiple projects within a programme. We provide a holistic approach that aligns with your organisation's goals, ensuring seamless integration, efficient resource allocation, and effective risk management. Our experienced team will guide you through every stage, from planning and design to execution and evaluation, ensuring timely completion and optimal outcomes.

In addition, our project management services focus on the successful execution of individual water projects. We excel in overseeing project scope, schedule, budget, quality control, and stakeholder engagement. With meticulous attention to detail and a results-oriented mindset, we ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

Partner with us for your programme management and project management needs, and experience the benefits of our specialised expertise, proactive approach, and commitment to excellence. Let us help you achieve your water industry objectives efficiently and effectively.

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